Tax advisory services and
accounting services are subject to individual
valuation because of our professionalism
and reliability towards the client


Accounting services in full scope

Business tax consulting

ax Advisory Office - AdvaFin consists of a team of licensed tax advisors who direct their offer to entrepreneurs, managers and people seeking tax support. We are guided by the principle of participation in the success of our clients by providing them with tax security as a result of:
- creating tax strategies,
- preparing tax opinions,
- developing guidelines and procedures,
- assessment of tax consequences of concluded and planned transactions,
- preparing applications for issuing tax interpretations,
- preparing tax settlements,
- conducting tax audits,
- support in relations with tax authorities.

Advice on VAT

We offer comprehensive advice in the field of VAT, in particular:
- assessment of tax consequences of concluded or planned transactions,
- tax analysis of the transaction
- developing solutions and assistance in implementing procedures to eliminate tax risk,
- assistance in conducting administrative proceedings,
- comprehensive tax reviews,
- ongoing consultancy in the field of VAT,
- giving opinions on contracts,
- assistance or preparation of VAT settlements,
- assessment of the relationship and efficiency between VAT and other taxes.

Advice on excise duties

Services in the area of ​​excise duty include in particular:
- ongoing tax consultancy regarding tax consequences in the field of excise duty,
- preparing tax opinions,
- reviews of the correctness of accounting for excise duty,
- preparation and implementation of effective tax risk management tools in the field of excise duty,
- preparing tax settlements.

PIT / ZUS consultancy

- tax advice and opinions regarding the obligations of taxpayers and payers (PIT / ZUS),
- preparing monthly tax calculations, annual tax returns and support in settlements with tax offices,
- representing clients before public authorities during employee registration for the purposes of PIT and ZUS,
- representing clients in proceedings conducted by tax authorities and administrative courts,
- consultancy and opinions on social and health insurance law,
- tax optimization for individuals and employers.

Tax and court proceedings

Services related to representing taxpayers during inspections, tax proceedings and proceedings before voivodship administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court. We conduct proceedings regarding income taxes, VAT, excise duties, tax on civil law transactions, local taxes, customs, margins and prices, etc., during which:
- we act as proxies in tax / fiscal control and tax proceedings,
- we develop patterns of explanations, reservations and other pleadings, we support the client in preparing such explanations and reservations on their own,
- we analyze the decisions of administrative courts in terms of their potential use for the purposes of pending tax proceedings,
- we prepare appeals against decisions of first instance tax (tax) authorities and conduct cases before higher instance authorities,
- we draw up and lodge complaints about the decisions of tax authorities to voivodship administrative courts and act before these courts as proxies,
- we prepare and submit to the Supreme Administrative Court cassation complaints about the verdicts of voivodship administrative courts and act as proxies.

Tax accounting and tax risk management

We offer high quality consulting services such as:
- tax reviews,
- tax consultancy,
- tax risk management.

Risk management in the field of tax control

Support during tax audits by:
- developing and using audit management procedures to reduce the risk of fiscal criminal liability,
- representing clients in ongoing contacts with tax authorities and at all levels of tax and judicial and administrative proceedings.

Tax procedures and internal control

We recommend solutions that ensure the effectiveness of the tax settlement process by:
- development of tax guidelines,
- developing procedures and instructions adapted to the specifics of the company's operations and organizational structure,
- defining the functions and control activities in the tax settlement process.

Tax consultancy on specific transactions

In the case of specific transactions, we help solve tax problems related to them, focusing on assessment, monitoring, control and minimizing tax risks.

The scope of implemented projects

- correcting the amount of taxes declared,
- recovery of overpaid taxes,
- obtaining binding tax interpretations,
- giving opinions on contracts in terms of tax consequences,
- evaluation of draft legal acts submitted for public consultation by the legislator.

Transfer prices

We carry out orders for the preparation of tax documentation and relevant internal procedures.