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We have 20 years of experience in tax consultancy and accounting services. We specialize in indirect, direct and local taxes as well as tax and court proceedings. The AdvaFin tax office is experienced advisors, the highest quality of service and high professional ethics.

We adjust the form of cooperation to the requirements and expectations of our clients. We approach each issue individually and with full commitment. We provide an unequivocal and clear recommendation enabling you to make the most favorable decisions. We develop guidelines, instructions and procedures for our clients to ensure tax security.

In addition, we provide training in tax law, amendments to regulations and applicable case law. We tailor the training program to the individual needs of our clients. We also use our knowledge and experience by participating in giving opinions on draft legal acts that are subject to public consultations.

Dominika Kamińska

Lawyer, licensed tax adviser (registration number 12239), accountant. A graduate of the Faculty of Law of the University of Gdańsk. He has been dealing with issues related to tax law for over 20 years. The law is her passion.

She willingly shares her knowledge, experience and enthusiastically undertakes challenges related to difficult tax topics. Matters that are not the subject of previous decisions or are aimed at obtaining decisions that satisfy the client are a source of motivation and stimulus for action.

She participated in the meeting of the Sejm Public Finance Committee, which considered amendments submitted during the work to the government's draft bill amending the act on excise duty and other acts.